Restaurant Booking


Cryptotao is the first NFT based platform for Restaurant Table Reservation. This is an ideal win-win platform for both restaurant Owners and Diners!


Cryptotao is a Restaurant Table Reservation System for Diners and Restaurant listing portal for Restaurant owners. The Purpose of this platform is to help users in finding restaurants according to their wishes in the shortest possible time, and connecting restaurants with diners.

This platform is built for the benefit of both diners and restaurant owners. Cryptotao allows restaurant owners to list their Restaurant in a few simple steps, while customers can reserve their tables on this website.


Design a website to help users search and reserve tables at restaurants easily depending on their needs and choice. Cryptotao, through this platform takes care of needs of its users, like in case a diner is not able to consume or use the reservation in a restaurant due to any reason. In that scenario, the user can list their reservation ticket in the form of NFT on any marketplace for sale.

Such an NFT can be listed before the reservation booking time and users get the privilege to change the rate of that particular NFT. Based on the bidding, the highest bidder will win the NFT, which can be redeemed as a restaurant reservation ticket.

Project Duration



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Tools Used

We conducted interview with 5 Food enthusiasts peoples, who have booking experience on Restaurant booking websites. We asked them following questions:

iconWebsites they often uses for reservations and there reasons?

iconThere booking experience on that websites?

iconThe information they usaully find on the booking platforms?

iconThere process on booking and payment?


iconPrefer simple interfaces that are not confusing to them.

iconAble to book the reseravation according to there convinient time.

iconCan list there reservations for sale if not able to consume on time.

iconCan able to see multiple photos of restaurant and type of reservations

Competetive Analaysis

We keep ourselves continuously updated with the ongoing trends happening in the listing portals around the world regarding user behavior.

We carefully analyze our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to ours, so that we find a gap in the market for our product. This lets us have a greater picture of the competition around us and helps us in achieving higher success than our competitors, while avoiding any possible failure.

User Persona

Jessica James (Project Manager)


:     32


:     Married


:     Florida


Jessica is a 28 years old lady. She is currently a project manager in a MNC. She has a busy schedule due to her nature of work, and seldom gets any time for herself. She values time very much and appreciates the little joys of life she derives from her budding child. In the middle of her fast-paced life she tries to spend some quality time with her family and friends in her favorite restaurant. Being a foodie, she has a special penchant to experience delicious meals with her husband very often and Cryptotao helps her in reserving a table in a restaurant for romantic evenings.


  • Saving time and utilizing money when using the website to make a reservation.
  • Able to book the reservation in a restaurant according to her preferred time.
  • Must be able to list her unutilized reservation for sale.
  • Would like to see multiple photos of the restaurant to know about the ambience before making a reservation.


  • Long waiting time in restaurants without reservations is a turn-off.
  • Finding a great restaurant with good offers.
  • Unavailability of tables in favorite restaurants.
  • Can't get the 100% refund when she cancels the reservation.
Empathy Map

What does user

  • I want to find table at my favourite restaurant
  • I need efficient information on website
  • I want feature of listing reservation if anable to consume
  • I usually double check the details before booking

What does user

  • I want to find table at my favourite restaurant
  • Is there any offers?
  • What are the reviews of restaurant
  • Can i cancel my reservation?

What does user

  • Searches for nearby restaurants
  • Book the table for reseravtion at restaurant
  • Mark the calendar for date of reservation
  • Contact the restaurant for confirmation of booking

What does user

  • Skeptical
  • Eager
  • Overhelmed
  • Uncertain
Hi-Fi Wireframes

We use high-fidelity wireframing to keep usability to the forefront in showcasing page layouts at their best format.

Visual Design System

We ideate and create such systems that bridge the gap between designers and engineers to improve the project workflow, thereby saving time and money for more efficient output.

Actual Screens
Detail Page
Detail Page
Testing on Potential Users

The phase of testing is somewhat that can be relatable to the beta version which is launched prior to the final launching of the product. In this testing phase, we share the wireframe link to the potential people within our organization, who have deep knowledge and experience regarding product design, so that we receive feedback.

Making Changes Based on User Feedback

In this stage we collect valuable feedback from users within our organization, who under the testing phase were given the link of wireframe. Further we evaluate the pros and cons of each feedback received from them and evaluate those suggestions like how it can affect the functioning of the final product.